Event Sponsor: Scholastic


Thank you to Scholastic for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Since 1920, Scholastic’s mission has been to encourage the intellectual and personal growth of all children, beginning with literacy.

In partnership with schools and districts, families and communities, Scholastic provides a wide range of print and digital literacy resources. Our products and programs span from birth to grade 12. Whether readers are showing emergent signs of literacy in PreK, or are working on specific literacy skills for K-3 readers, we are proud to offer new and exciting products that are designed to meet the needs of the whole child and enhance learning in the classroom. 

Open a World of Possible at scholastic.com!

Event Sponsor: Nion Early Education

Thank you to Nion Early Education for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Nion Early Education is dedicated to helping ECE professionals grow by offering workshops, coaching and assessment in a variety of areas! With over 25 years in the Early Childhood field, Nion brings experience, understanding and excitement when working with clients to help them to meet their professional goals in a meaningful way.

Content areas includes
– Leadership Development
– Curriculum, Special Education
– Marketing, Parent Relations
– Social and Emotional Development
– Train the Train

Website:  nionearlyeducation.com

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Event Sponsor: NeighborSchools

Thank you to NeighborSchools for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

NeighborSchools partners with early childhood Educators to open exceptional in-home childcare programs. We believe that in-home programs are the model of the future: children benefit from better ratios, mixed age groups, and experienced ECE professionals; Educators get to form deep connections with children, and can earn more than typical preschool jobs income; discerning parents get to work with trusted educators, in a more convenient setting, without having to sacrifice quality. We’re on a mission to bring ECE back to the neighborhood – come and join us!

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Event Sponsor: Tree Top Book Shop

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Thank you to the the Tree Top Book Shop for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Tree Top Book Shop is an online children’s bookshop who specializes in the development of Story Stacks to enhance reading and literature for children.

Tree Top Book Shop also offers school fundraising opportunities, holding free story sessions for classes/groups with the use of props, games and visual aids. Tree Top Book Shop sells books, Story Sacks, Story Sack Bundles, Puppets, games and Safari LTD Figures. Tree Top Book Shop also assists local schools, libraries and childcare facilities in the purchase and development of their own Story Sack resources.

Click here to learn more about Tree Top Book Shop.

Event Sponsor: Children’s Vision Massachusetts

Thank you to Children’s Vision Massachusetts for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

In 2009, Massachusetts was selected by Prevent Blindness America to be one of five pilot states of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health to participate in an award from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. This led to the establishment of the Children’s Vision Massachusetts coalition. The coalition’s mission is to create a systematic approach to children’s vision services that assures all children have the opportunity to develop and retain their best possible vision to support healthy development and academic growth.

Children’s Vision Massachusetts is a forty member coalition representing optometry, ophthalmology, nursing, pediatrics, public health, family physicians, and others from multiple affiliations and including parents and advocates. During the past two years, the group has worked to define and analyze current practice related to comprehensive vision services for children in Massachusetts and has framed, designed, and created a strategy to guide the development of a statewide plan for improvement which includes the establishment of a public health infrastructure, data and case management systems, and the development and implementation of performance measures.

Learn more about Children’s Vision Massachusetts:

Website: www.childrensvisionmassachusetts.org

Event Sponsor: Bright Horizons

Thank you to Bright Horizons for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Bright Horizons is a leading provider of employer sponsored child care, early education and work/life solutions. Working in the United States, Europe and Canada we manage child care centers for more than 700 leading employers.

Our teachers are the heart and soul of Bright Horizons.

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Event Sponsor: Community Teamwork

Thank you to Community Teamwork for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Community Teamwork Family Child Care Program is seeking Family Child Care Provider/Educators to affiliate with our Family Child Care Program.  We offer care and education for children of low-income families with subsidized child care.  Community Teamwork is a catalyst for social change.  We strengthen communities and reduce poverty by delivering vital services, such as Family Child Care services, and collaborating with key stakeholders to create housing, education and economic opportunities.

Find out more about Community Teamwork at www.commteam.org.

Find out more about Family Child Care at http://www.commteam.org/how-we-help/family-children/family-child-care/

Event Sponsor: myKidzDay

Thank you to myKidzDay for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

myKidzDay is a premier provider of mobile communication app that helps child care centers track attendance, enrollment, enhance communication with parents, send electronic daily reports, pictures, newsletters, reminders, etc directly to parent’s smart phones. Progressive schools/centers nationwide are using myKidzDay to not only enhance parent communication but also to build enrollment and Go Paperless!

Learn more at www.mykidzday.com

Event Sponsor: Mass Audubon

Thank you to Mass Audubon for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

Mass Audubon is the largest provider of environmental education in New England. Our statewide network of wildlife sanctuaries, nature centers, and museums serve as the base for our work in education and community outreach. Our education programs take place at our sites as well as in communities across the Commonwealth in partnership with schools, classrooms, and community-based organizations. Almost half a million visitors of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds visit our sanctuaries each year, and we reach 235,000 youth, families, and adults per year, including about 98,000 K-12 students and over 25,000 preschoolers. We operate four licensed preschools that serve 300 families in Boston, Metrowest, and Western Massachusetts. Our goal as a nature-based early childhood education provider is to share the benefits of nature-based learning and play (NBLP) with children and families from all backgrounds. We support early childhood learning and play in nature through a suite of classroom and outdoor programs for early learners focused on exploratory play in nature and early science “habits of mind”; the development of integrated, nature-based STEM preschool curriculum units; professional development for early childhood educators; and parent-specific resources.

Learn more about Mass Audubon.