Event Sponsor: Children’s Vision Massachusetts

Thank you to Children’s Vision Massachusetts for sponsoring EarlyEdCon 2018!

In 2009, Massachusetts was selected by Prevent Blindness America to be one of five pilot states of the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health to participate in an award from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. This led to the establishment of the Children’s Vision Massachusetts coalition. The coalition’s mission is to create a systematic approach to children’s vision services that assures all children have the opportunity to develop and retain their best possible vision to support healthy development and academic growth.

Children’s Vision Massachusetts is a forty member coalition representing optometry, ophthalmology, nursing, pediatrics, public health, family physicians, and others from multiple affiliations and including parents and advocates. During the past two years, the group has worked to define and analyze current practice related to comprehensive vision services for children in Massachusetts and has framed, designed, and created a strategy to guide the development of a statewide plan for improvement which includes the establishment of a public health infrastructure, data and case management systems, and the development and implementation of performance measures.

Learn more about Children’s Vision Massachusetts:

Website: www.childrensvisionmassachusetts.org

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